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To be funny is an excellent skill that can attract people to you. Of course, we all love to laugh, and we love a company that can make us laugh. With laughter we feel a positive feeling between us, we break ourselves in awkwardness, we force people to want you and, of course, makes us get rid of or problems.

You can really find a lot of funny things that you can use in your daily activities, and even from your own mistakes, from celebrities, to your work ... you can find a very nice material for humor. If you learned from the best comedians and films you watch, and from the funny stories that you read, you will have an idea of ​​what can be found in humorous stories. Lying can be funny. Political lies can also be interesting. Unexpectedly funny - the groom, who slipped on the road to the altar, and sometimes the pain can be funny.

Learning to be funny is not just about collecting fun things that you can share. Even if you think that you have the most ridiculous jokes, if you do not know how to deliver them, they can be a simple story. You can create funny faces, have a different style or something unusual in your way, or get props for your "funny image."

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