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Art is the expression of a person or people through the media. It is a purposefully vague definition, because everything can be an art. Everything that a person does can be considered art if you are not part of the academy, in which case art is what galleries and museum systems consider art. A mailbox or toilet seat can be an art in the right context. Dinner or conversation can be an art in the right context. The empty interior of a house can be an art. As a rule, anything people can do considered as an art, and this means that everything can be an art.

What people consider good art and bad art is subjective. All judgements of art are opinions and judgements. All value judgements are based on taste, world view, history of the subject area and various random experiences and dispositions. All artistic and human activities are meaningless in themselves. Art plays a vital role in a person's personal life, as well as in the socio-economic development of a nation. The study of visual arts promotes personal development and awareness of both our cultural heritage and the role of art in society. The learner acquires personal knowledge, skills and competencies through activities in the visual arts. When a person participates in the fine arts, he/she will appreciate or understand that the art is an integral part of everyday life.

Art is boundless and universal. This is the only language that everyone is talking about. It translates the beauty between culture and time; it is infinite. Art is a universe, condensed and sorted in its own mind, and then spewed out to see the world.

This relief from pain and often boredom of life is a way to express what a person thinks and feels.

It is unique - individually by the mind. There is nothing like that. Nobody has exactly the same style or concept as it should be and how it looks. Art covers everything. This is love, beauty, ideas, thoughts, obsession, despair, rage, guilt - the list will never be complete. Art is the artist. It is a self-portrait of everything that a person seeks to achieve and show to the world.

Art will continue to outlive and experience each of us, surviving to relate the future generations who desire comfort and inspiration.

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