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When we think about cartoons, we think of a completely different world, which is separated from reality. This gives a feeling of warmth, especially in this cruel world. This allows people to easily use this as a tool of getting out of the real world. So they can feel ease and relaxed. Thus, people also have a sense of attachment to the shows as well.

Cartoons are everywhere nowadays, in textbooks, newspapers, movies, television programs, even in corporate presentations. And every day the popularity of various characters of cartoons grows by leaps and bounds. Therefore it is not surprising that children are also influenced by this wave, and many of them spend a significant part of their day with cartoon: may be watching animated shows on TV or try to copy popular cartoons.

Almost every cartoon usually has a character with which you can clearly relate to. Someone who can be like you or is going through the same struggle that you are, or you are currently facing. Many times people can communicate with the character and really feel something. If said character were to overcome something, a person can be given the power to grow and become a better person.

We fell in love with all the entertainment, individuality and action of a certain character in childhood. Some may even say that we had a childhood crush on them. But those characters who made this unforgettable show their actions in relation to the person, forced us to return to them again. Admit it, we all have favorite characters.

Aside our parents, the cartoons practically raised us. They knew how to cheer us up, when we were sad, they knew how to entertain us, they knew how to lead us and relax in this new crazy, fantastic world. That's why cartoons are so memorable.

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