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Animals Wallpapers

Animals are creatures that bring so many people happiness every single day. They are loving, compassionate and friendly to all people. Animals make people more compassionate, positive individuals who are happier at all. Animals help people to be more loving, because of the compassion animals give to them. Animals can be one of our best friends. They can be faithful to us, to love and serve us. In addition, they can protect and die for us.

Therefore, they were used as metaphors and examples to teach us positive values, behaviors and aspirations. And show us many positive ways to live and love our life. In this beautiful world, animals deserve respect as people. They have so much right to live like us, human beings. This is our world, but it is their world too. So, this planet belongs to all beings living on it. But many are against this notion, because they believe that animals do not have feelings or a soul.

Animals have rights. And they certainly deserve respect, so that they can live their lives without suffering, cruel treatment and mistreatment. Life is life and it must be appreciated. Animals can not speak for themselves, so we need to be their voice and take care of them.

Every animal on earth has the right to be here and have respect and loved, like humans do to another humans.

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