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Birds Wallpapers

There are many species of birds found in a wide variety of habitats all around the world. Birds are one of the most prosperous groups of animals on the planet, as they usually have their habitat (the skies) for themselves.

Birds are easy to distinguish from other animals because of their sharp beaks, thin legs, wings and feathers covering their bodies. Although all bird species have wings, some of them are not really flying animals, which use their wings only for balancing, and not for flying. Where other birds, such as penguins, use their wings for swimming.

Birds are often omnivores, usually eat almost anything they can find. Most species of birds survive a diet consisting mainly of insects and plants, such as fruits, nuts, fruits and seeds.

Birds also distinctive in the fact that they lay eggs similarly to other groups of animals, such as fish and reptiles. Birds often make nest in trees or on land which to lay their eggs.

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