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The word "anime" is almost synonymous with Japanese culture, where it is also part of a society, such as a newspaper or magazine. Most anime are actually extracted from their manga (comic) counterparts, and this word is the basic abbreviation of the animation, but especially cartoon or comic animation. Indeed, manga is a very popular form of literature in Asian countries, and of lot manga titles have a historical or modern taste.

Anime is a completely new world for those who appreciate great stories with the right style of animation. Anime leaves eyes with magnificent visual effects, which are strong enough to last forever and worthy enough for re-watching. The animation is unique and takes with itself the culture of Japan, which is an excellent source for cultural studies. Plots and story-lines are great and it expand the space of your brain. Music associated with anime, whether openings or background, adapts to the storyline and, therefore, paints the anime in a new color. There are so many anime genres that are not commonly found in conventional cartoon animations.

The anime characters are well developed and have excellent personalities that make us look at them and learn some really valuable features. They inspire us. The stories are also well thought out, which is the major point. Anime caters every age group, unlike the usual animations, which are mostly made for the generation of kids, and thus anime attracts a larger users.

Anime is a dream, and people who love it are its inhabitants who have access to some really great stories that bring with them an arc of emotions and picturesque beauty, blindfolding enough to leave you spellbound.

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